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  • Growing Guide: Purple Runtz Cake Auto Cannabis Seeds

    Growing Guide: Purple Runtz Cake Auto Cannabis Seeds

    Strain Overview: Purple Runtz Cake Auto is a highly sought-after strain, supplied by Purple Caper Seeds, and known for its sweet aroma and unique genetic lineage, a cross of Purple Kush and Runtz Cake. This strain is renowned for its beautiful light purple colors and is available as both feminized and autoflowering seeds.

    Purple Runtz Cake Auto

    To successfully grow your Purple Runtz Cake Auto, follow these steps:

    1. Germination:

    • Start by germinating your seeds. You can use the paper towel method or soak them directly in water. Once the taproot emerges, usually within 2-7 days, it’s ready for planting.

    2. Choose the Right Containers:

    • Use pots or containers that provide ample space for your plants to grow. Ensure good drainage to prevent overwatering.

    3. Soil and Nutrients:

    • Select high-quality, well-draining soil. Consider using organic nutrients designed for cannabis growth throughout its lifecycle.

    4. Lighting:

    • Whether growing indoors or outdoors, ensure your plants receive adequate light. Purple Runtz Cake Auto is an autoflowering strain, so it doesn’t require light changes for flowering. If growing indoors, use LED or HPS lights.

    5. Training Techniques:

    • While this strain is compact, you can employ low-stress training (LST) or topping to enhance light penetration and encourage lateral growth.

    6. Feeding and Watering:

    • Follow a feeding schedule tailored to your chosen nutrients. Water your plants when the top inch of soil feels dry. Avoid overwatering.

    7. Flowering Stage:

    • Purple Runtz Cake Auto typically has a short flowering time, thanks to its autoflowering nature. Keep an eye on trichomes to determine the right time for harvest.

    8. Harvesting and Curing:

    • Harvest when the trichomes become milky or amber, indicating peak potency. Trim your buds and cure them in airtight jars for 2-4 weeks to enhance flavor.

    9. Enjoy the Rewards:

    • Once properly cured, your Purple Runtz Cake Auto buds are ready for you to savor and share with fellow enthusiasts.

    Additional Information:

    • Purple Runtz Cake Auto is exclusively feminized, ensuring a yield of female plants.
    • This strain is favored by collectors searching for rare 420 seeds due to its unique genetics.
    • Purple Caper Seeds, a reputable California-based producer, supplies these seeds.

    Please ensure you adhere to local laws and regulations regarding cannabis cultivation and always consume responsibly. Happy growing! 🌱🌿🌞